Academic Partners

  • Imperial College London (ICL) - The Project Coordinator

    The Intelligent Behaviour Understanding Group (iBUG) led by Prof. Maja Pantic at ICL has the core expertise in the machine analysis of human behaviour in space and time including face analysis, body gesture analysis, visual, audio, and multimodal analysis of human behaviour, and biometrics analysis. Application areas in which the group is working are face analysis, body gesture analysis, audio and visual human behaviour analysis, biometrics and behaviometrics, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

  • University of Augsburg (UAU) (01/10/2017-31/07/2018)

    The Faculty of Applied Computer Science encompasses a wide range of scientific competences, and is highly regarded both in Germany and abroad, including the following areas relevant to the project: Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, and Multimedia. The newly founded Chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing within this department, Prof. Dr. Björn W. Schuller , deals with novel machine learning and signal processing technologies for intelligent information processing systems for healthcare, human-computer interaction, and multimedia. This includes world-leading expertise in spoken and written language, and audio analysis for emotion-sensitive multimodal interaction.

  • University of Passau (UP) (01/02/2015-30/09/2017)

    The research team led by Prof.Dr. habil. Björn W. Schuller at UP specializes in designing machine-learning models for affect recognition based on audio signals (i.e., acoustic features).

Industrial Partners

  • RealEyes

    Realeyes specialises in collecting emotion and behavioural data from users exposed to video advertisements. Their main products are already being sold to many of the Fortune 500 brands, market research and media agencies. Many enhancements in collecting and analysing behavioural data that the SEWA project will bring about will be quickly trialled in the core Realeyes product offers, thus helping the company to stay ahead of the growing competition, such as Affectiva and Emotient (both being USA based).

  • PlayGen

    PlayGen is UK’s leading gamification studio, designing and developing Serious Games, Social Games, and Simulations for online, offline, and mobile use with applications across industry sectors. PlayGen team specialises in delivering interactivity designed to induce flow and pleasure, where players become fully absorbed in the activity, enjoying the experience of exploration and discovery. Their solutions are already used by many including insurance companies like AVIVA, nanotech companies like FEI, management and technology-based solutions companies like Concurrent Technology Cooperation, safety and security sector institutions including UK Police Departments and Royal Navy, and education sector institutions including 600+ schools in Birmingham and the South West, to mention but a few.

Ethical Advisory Board

  • Laurence Devillers, University of Paris-Sorbonne IV / CNRS-LIMSI, Paris / Orsay, France

    Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France

Valorisation Advisory Board

  • Elissa Moses - CEO, Neuro and Behavior Science at IPSOS, Chairman of SEWA Valorisation Board

    Simon Hughes - Founder and Chief Time Saver at Jobatar

    Jim Hodgkins - Managing Director, Marketing Services at VisualDNA

    Zoe Ilic - B2B Marketing Manager: Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa at Financial Times

    Nemanja Alavanja - Chief Technical Officer at Anaii d.o.o

    Florian Eyben - Chief Technical Officer at audEERING

For further information please contact SEWA Project Manager Dion Kordopati at